Bridget Eileen's Plus Size Pin Up Style Blog, "Vintage Bridge: Retro Style on a Bohemian Budget" Get's a Remodel

Vintage Bridge Style a plus size pin up style blog from Bridget Eileen

Stay Tuned for Revised Posts at Vintage Bridge, a plus-size pin up bargain hunter style blog, with More Comprehensive Content on All of My Bargain Hunting Adventures in Plus Size PinUp Style, The Arts, Travel, Foodie Things, Nature and More

I will still be plugging away at poetry and other creative writing throughout the upcoming year, but I am also going to start putting more time into sprucing up my style blog, Vintage Bridge.

While the newest content on is comprehensive and purposeful, a lot of old posts on Vintage Bridge are sparse in content. As I was starting out, I wasn't quite sure what I was doing on the blog exactly; I just knew I wanted to run a little DIY style blog showing off my bargain hunting prowess for plus size outfits with a vintage, pinup flair. I also wanted to share my other adventures in the arts, food, nature and travel.

The Future for Vintage Bridge: Retro Style on a Bohemian Budget - a plus size pin up bargain hunter blog

Now that I have a better understanding of my mission (view the Vintage Bridge: Plus Size Pin Up Style Blog Mission Statement here) I'm not posting new posts on the website for a bit. Instead I'll be revising the old ones to match the new ones in comprehensive content on how to style plus size pin up outfits for work and sexy plus size pin up outfits on a cheap budget. Along with bulking up my posts about travel, food, arts and other style things. With over 1000 entries to work on, a full remodel should be ready around April 2018, just in time for my 3 year anniversary.

Where to Find the Latest on Bridget Eileen's Thrifty Adventures in Plus Size Pin Up Style, The Arts, Travel, and Nature 

In the meantime, I'll be reposting the newly revised posts and always posting new content on social media. Thanks for your support of Vintage Bridge. Make sure to follow me on:

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