Boston Poetry Marathon 2018 - Aug 10-12 at Outpost 186 in Cambridge, MA

Boston Poetry Marathon 2018 - Aug 10-12, Outpost 186 in Cambridge, MA

The 2018 Boston Poetry Marathon is August 10, 11, and 12 at Outpost 186 in Inman Square, Cambridge

Yay! Yay! Yay! One of my favorite times of the year is the Boston Poetry Marathon, a weekend-long poetry reading festival featuring hundreds of poets, each reading 8 minutes a piece. And, like last year, I will be one of the organizers this year. This is my second year as an organizer. 

More Details for the 2018 Boston Poetry Marathon

Outpost 186 at 186 1/2 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA


Friday, August 10, 7-10:30pm
Saturday, August 11 12:00-10:30pm 
Sunday, August 12 12-6pm

We don’t go over 8 minutes. We listen to a bunch of poems. We hang out. We have fun.

Because it's great to get together with hundreds of poets and poetry-appreciators to hear live poetry.


On Being an Organizer: Emailing Hundreds of Poets at Once Makes Me Look Like the Scream Emoji

scream emoji
Me While Creating the Mail Merge
Seriously. If you've ever thought about being an organizer for an event, do it. It's great to be able to bring that joy to so many people. Sometimes, though, planning can be ugh. In the first mail merge, I realized I'd screwed up the link to the Facebook group. 

It's okay because later, I realized I should've made a Boston Poetry Marathon Facebook Page instead, because Group events can't get sent to the public, only Page events can. This is after I made a really pretty page with all my old photos from the past Boston Poetry Marathons, and the collection of flyers and other photos past organizers had posted on the website. That's okay, though. I transferred everything and the page is looking good. Go follow it, if you're so inclined.

Also, I messed up the amazingly awesomely wonderful co-organizer Gillian Devereux's last name in the first batch of emails that went out today. I feel so terrible about that one. SO SORRY Gillian!!!

Boston Poetry Marathon 2018 Event Details

See event details and latest information at 

Exciting Changes Coming This Spring to Vintage Bridge Style and a New Website from Bridget Eileen: "Vintage Bridge, Online Arts and Culture Notebook"

Exciting times! I wanted a way to honor all my interests in arts and culture from politics to performing arts, to food and entertainment to neopaganism, nature, permaculture and gardening, and, of course, literature and poetry. I wear lots of hats -- as seen on my style blog, -- so how do I bring it all together? After a lot of thinking, I have created a new way to "do" my creativity and online content, at

Vintage Bridge online arts and culture notebook

Welcome to my answer! Here you'll have all the archives of past posts from my old sites, the Commonplace Book, as well as the jewelry-making site and the vegetarian notebook. Additionally, starting this Spring, I'll post new content focusing on all of my many interests in arts and culture:
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New poems from Bridget Eileen Published in the Latest Edition of Stone's Throw - Stone's Throw #5

Stone's Throw Literary Journal Issue Number 5 featuring poems by Bridget Eileen

Two Poems Published in the Current Issue of Stone's Throw Lit Mag - Issue #5 "The Marathon Must Go On"

My poems are in good company, in the latest issue of Stone's Throw, #5. Read work from me, Stephanie Kaylor, Russell Bennetts, Dexter Roberts, Luis Lazaro Tijerina and Ron Goba, published by Chad Parenteau.

Boston Poetry Marathon 2017 - Schedule Now Available #bpm17

Live Poetry Fresh Killed Sign by Jim Behrle
"Live Poetry Fresh Killed" Sign for the Boston Poetry Marathon


All events are at

Outpost 186
186 1/2 Hampshire St in Inman Sq
Cambridge, MA

Friday 8/18
7 pm - 10:30 pm

Saturday 8/19 
12 pm - 5:30 pm and 7 - 10:30pm

Sunday 8/20
12 pm - 5:30 pm

***Every Poet Reads 8 Minutes Each***

Look to the Facebook Event Page for the latest news!

Instagram: @bostonpoetrymarathon


7:00 William Walsh
7:08 Jon Woodward
7:16 Christie Towers
7:24 Kenyatta JP Garcia
7:32 Jim Dunn
7:40 Jean Dany Joachim


7:50 Cheryl Clark Vermeulen
7:58 Ryan DiPetta
8:06 Jess Mynes
8:14 Jessica Bozek
8:22 Randolph Pfaff
8:30 Christina Davis


8:42 Stephanie Taylor
8:50 Karen Locascio
8:58 Kevin Gallagher
9:06 Judson Evans
9:14 Jordan Davis
9:22 Carla Schwartz
9:30 Alifair Skebe


9:40 Paige Taggart
9:48 David Rivard
9:56 Simeon Berry
10:04 Sampson Starkweather
10:12 Darcie Denningan
10:20 Joe Elliot
10:28 David Blair

end of night

Sat Day

12:00 Kythe Heller
12:08 Andrew K. Peterson
12:16 Laurin Macios
12:24 Katie Raddatz
12:32 Jonathan Pappas
12:40 Darren Black


12:50 Chad Parenteau
12:58 Martha McCollough
1:06 Rob Arnold
1:14 Heather Hughes
1:22 Ellen Steinbaum
1:30 Anne Champion


1:44 Tom Daley
1:52 Chloe Garcia Roberts
2:00 MP Carver
2:08 Julia Story
2:16 Hamdi Mohamed
2:24 Olivia Thomes


2:36 Audrey Mardavich
2:44 Daniel Pritchard
2:52 Clay Ventre
3:00 Simone John
3:08 Claudia Amador
3:16 Kurt Klopmeier


3:30 Samuel Ace
3:38 Heather Treseler
3:46 Gilmore Tamny
3:54 Maureen Thorson
4:02 Wendy Mnookin
4:10 Ben Mazer


4:22 Janaka Stucky
4:30 Brittany Billmeyer-Finn
4:38 Zoe Tuck
4:46 Maria Damon
4:54 JD Debris
5:02 Adam Tedesco


5:12 Mairead Byrne
5:20 David Rich
5:28 Suzanne Mercury


Sat Night

7:00 Sam Cha
7:08 Susana Gardner
7:16 Joanna Fuhrman
7:24 Gale Batchelder
7:32 Mark Lamoreaux
7:40 Jasmine Dreame Wagner


7:52 Jennifer Marie Bartlett
8:00 John Mulrooney
8:08 Carrie Bennett
8:16 Jim Stewart
8:24 Annie Won
8:32 Brenda Ijima


8:46 Aaron Kiely
8:54 Sean Cole
9:02 Molly McGuire
9:10 Rob Macdonald
9:18 Gabriela Garcia
9:26 Jaime Zuckerman


9:38 Trace Peterson
9:46 Christina Strong
9:54 Douglas Rothschild
10:12 Mitch Highfill
10:20 Emily Dickinson
10:28 Jane Austen

end of night


12:00 Alice Weiss
12:08 James Stotts
12:16 Pam Matz
12:24 Jennifer Martelli
12:32 Josh Cook
12:40 Kevin Carey


12:50 Meia Geddes
12:58 J.D. Scrimgeour
1:06 Lisa Marie Martin
1:14 Keith Jones
1:22 January O’Neil
1:30 Lisa DeSiro


1:44 Patrick Pritchett
1:52 Toni Bee
2:00 Alyssa Mazzarella
2:08 Carol Berg
2:16 Dan Wuenschel
2:24 Christine Tierney


2:36 Bridget Eileen
2:44 Arthur Rimbaud
2:52 Vanesa Pacheco
3:00 Florine Melnyk
3:08 Ros Zimmermann
3:16 Dennis Nurkse


3:30 Masada Jones
3:38 Abigail Cook
3:46 Gerrit Lansing
3:54 Anthony Cueller
4:02 Kathleen Lake
4:10 Carol Weston


4:22 Amanda Cook
4:30 Lloyd Schwartz
4:38 James Cook
4:46 Charlotte Seley
4:54 Zachary Bos
5:02 Christina Liu


5:12 Nausheen Eusuf
5:20 Mark Pawlak
5:28 Rob Chalfen

The End

186 Hampshire St Inman Square Cambridge
The Boston Poetry Marathon takes place at 186 1/2 Hampshire St in Inman Sq, Cambridge

Bridget Eileen reading her poetry at the 2015 Boston Poetry Marathon
That's me! I'm reading poetry! I love reading my poetry!